We can get better visual enjoyment if we watch high-definition video on HDTV like watching MKV/AVI/VOB/Tivo/MPG/WMV/FLV movies from flash drive on Vizio HDTV. When importing the container formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV to Vizio HDTV, you need to choose the model corresponding preferred codec or directly convert these container formats to other video format supported by the model. Fails to play movies from USB flash drive on Vizio HDTV? Still looking for solutions? Here is a tutorial you cannot miss.

Play movies on Vizio HDTV

Whatever, to ensure playing any video in Vizio HDTV successfully, you will need a workable Vizio HDTV video converter, here we recommend Dimo Video Converter Ultimate – top(clean, safe, quick, cheap) helper.

It has helped many people solve movie playback issue on Vizio HDTV. With it, you only need click 3 times on mouse by encoding Vizio HDTV unsupported MKV/AVI/VOB/Tivo/MPG/WMV/FLV to Vizio HDTV supported formats. As a recognized professional converter, it also supports ripping and copying DVD/Blu-ray to Vizio HDTV for playing, which is so incredible. What’s more, you can convert 200+ video/audio formats to any video/audio formats suitable for any smartphones, tablets, VRs, Game Consoles, and more. The equivalent Mac version is the Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, which can convert .mov and more videos to Vizio HDTV and other devices on Mac OS X (10.10 Yosemite included.)

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Step 1. Add video files to the program 

Launch Dimo Video Converter Ultimate and add MKV/AVI/VOB/Tivo/MPG/WMV/FLV videos in the following two ways: 1> Click “Add file " button to choose video files from your hard drive for converting. 2> Directly drag the movies you want to convert to the left item bar. To save your time, you can add multiple files for converting one by one. 

Vizio HDTV video converter

Step 2. Decide output video format 

Set compatible format for Vizio HDTV. Click the "Select Format" bar, and choose "HD MP4" under "Format > HD Video" column. Or for Vizio 4K TV, choose 4K MP4 as output format.

Step 3. Advanced Video, Audio Settings(optional) 

Here you can click the "Settings" button to change the settings by yourself including video resolution, bit rate, audio sample rate, audio channel etc. for full screen playback smoothly. Here you need to make sure the audio codec is encoded to AAC for playback on Vizio HD TV with no issue.

Vizio HDTV video settings


From Official VIZIO Support, VIZIO HDTV’s are compatible with many different standard resolutions (or picture sizes). Each model may vary in its ability to display different image sizes. If you are seeing a not supported message on your TV you will need to adjust the resolution of the source picture i.e. DVD player, Xbox or cable box to fit on your HDTV. You would do that through the settings control of that device.

Most common resolutions will be 1920 x 1080 also known as 1080p. The second most common supported resolution would be 1280 x 720 or 720p. Please refer to your user’s manual for your supported resolutions.

Step 4. Start video conversion for Vizio HDTV

Finally click on the "Start" button at the bottom right corner of the best Vizio HDTV Video Converter to start encoding unsupported video from flash drive to MP4 for Vizio HDTV. Once the conversion finished, your MKV/AVI/VOB/Tivo/MPG/WMV/FLV movies and TV shows are no different from unsupported MP4 video files.

You can transfer the converted video files to Vizio HDTV via USB Flash Drive. Or share local videos onto Vizio HDTV wirelessly. Now have your ultimate visual experience on Vizio HDTV without any limitation! It’s so easy to play MKV/AVI/VOB/Tivo/MPG/WMV/FLV videos and movies on Vizio HDTV. Take a try!

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